Polina - Piano Teacher, Performer, Accompanist

                                              SOLO PIANO


Johann Sebastian Bach

·       'Well-Tempered Clavier', Books 1 and 2 - various

·         Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor (BWV 903)

·         Chaconne in D minor (Transcription by Busoni)


Joseph Haydn

·        Piano Sonatas - various


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

·         Sonata in C major K. 330

·         Sonata in B flat major K.570

·         Sonata in D major K.311

·         Fantasy in D minor K 397

·         Piano Concerto N20 in D minor K466


Ludwig Van Beethoven

·         24 Variations on V. Righini’s arietta ‘Vienni Amore’ in D

·         Piano Sonatas - various


Franz Schubert

·         Impromptus - various

·         Piano Sonata - various


Frederic Chopin

·         Fantasie Impromptu op.66 and Impromptu N1 op.69 (A flat)

·         Ballade N1 in G minor, op.23

·         Scherzo N2 in B flat minor

·         Selected Nocturnes

·         Selected Waltzes

·         Selected Etudes Op.11 and 25


Robert Schumann

·         Papillons op.2

·         Fantasiestucke Op.12 


Franz Liszt

·         Hungarian Rhapsody N6 in D flat major

·         Sonetto 104 by Petrarca in E-major

·         Grand Etude, no 1 in C-major

·         Transcendental Etude N10 in F-minor

·         Paganini Etudes N2 in E major and N4 in A-minor


Mouris Ravel

·         “Miroirs” suite


Claude Debussy

·         “Pour les degrés chromatiques”, no 7 from Twelve Etudes (Book II)

·      Selected Preludes




·          “Humoresque”


Pyotr Tchaikovsky

·         Prelude and Fugue op.21 in G-sharp Minor

·         “Doumka” (Scene Rustique) op.59

·         “Tendres reproches” op.72

·         “The Seasons” op.37 b


Alexander Skriabin

·         Selected Etudes op.8

·         Selected Preludes op.11


Sergei Rachmaninov

·         “Elegie” op.3

·         Selected Études-tableaux, Op 33 and 39

·         Transcription of Bach’s Prelude, Gavotte & Gigue from Violin Partita in E- major


Sergei Prokofiev

·         Sonata N2 in D-minor, op.14

·         Concerto N3 in C-major


Dmitry Shostakovich

·         Selected Preludes and Fugues, op.87