Polina - Piano Teacher, Performer, Accompanist

“…I have been struck by the warmth of her musicianship and by her level of technical control.”

Clive Williamson

Concert Pianist and Head of Performance Studies at Surrey University




“Polina is a very gifted pianist and a very serious musician. Her technical and artistic potential is very high… She has demonstrated deep musical knowledge and a fine performing ability.”

Alexander Ardakov

Concert Pianist, Professor at Trinity College of Music, London



“Polina is a marvellous pianist and musician, and combines this with a great musical sensitivity.”

Kevin John Hughes

Conductor and Singer



“She impressed me immediately with her keyboard technique, musicianship and ability to learn new ideas and methods”

Francis Griffin




"Your wonderful playing last Sunday deserves much more. It was a magical concert. You conjured the most beautiful tone from the piano, and brought out tensions and contrasts between Florestan and Eusebius perfectly in the Schumann. I did not know the Prokofiev and was amazed by the complexity and beauty of the music. And those dazzling fireworks in the last movement will stay in the memory a long time! "

Dr Richard Godfrey

Organist, St Michael's The Archangel (Lyme Regis Parish Church)



"...What a performance! Not only did Polina catch the different moods of the pieces: it was as bright and fresh as if they were being played for the first time. As a composer Schumann must be particularly hard to follow because the next piece is bound to break the magical spell: but in this programme the next (and final) piece was “Une barque sur l’océan” from Ravel’s suite “Miroirs”... This music is most pictorial: you could almost see the surging of the waves in the left hand and smell the salt spray in the shimmering right hand part. Wonderful. 

It is the mark of a great performance that the audience comes away feeling as though this is the only way of playing the music, and that was the feeling we got."         John Mansfield Concerts at Lunchtime United Reformed Church, Farnham


"...Thank you for all your work this past week on the concerts, and also how wonderful it has been to have you with FCS since September. I hope you have enjoyed it too, and that you will stay with us for as long as possible! I love working with you, because you are so musical, and such a fantastic pianist - it's a treat to hear such super playing every Tuesday! 

Gwyn Parry-Jones

Musical Director of Fleet Choral Society, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts



"We absolutely loved your phenomenal playing. ...Your Ravel was simply stunning! ...You brought out ... a wonderful balance of clarity and warmth."

Mark Shepherd

Director of Music, Charterhouse School